Before Corfu

2005  Member of the Mediterranean Garden Society

2004  Member of Greek association of Professional Architects

2003-2004 Working for a Construction company of Engineers and Architects in Athens

2002 Architectural effect lighting, workshop by Martin Professional Lighting .

2000-2001 Worked with the Painter/Set Designer Gabriele Amadori  on the  “Tableau vivant-The magic flute” a visual experimental work promoted by UNESCO that combined Music ,lights and moving  objects in space  inspired by The famous  W. A. Mozart opera.

1997/2000 Cooperation on television projects with RAI (Radio Televisone Italiana) in special events, “Il racconto del Vajont” awarded  the UBU prize and oscar of Italian Television,

“Il Milione – quaderno veneziano” theater on the waters of Venice

“ITIGI – Canto per Ustica” in Bologna

1994-2000 Set designer and light designer in Marco Paolini theatrical troupe

All over the Major Italian theaters and France,  Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Uruguay, Chile

1990-1994 Working for an Architectural firm in the Venice area

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