Corfu Architecture

My passion for art and architecture began with drawing.

The long period of studying in Venice, first at art school and later Architecture school, as well as the multitude of artistic and architectural influence in that magnificent and timeless city had a profound effect on my cultural experience and my representative imagery.

So beginning my professional activity as an architect on the island of Corfu about 10 years ago was a natural progression, given the many historical and cultural similarities of these two cities.

To my advantage, this is a particularly generous territory in terms of rediscovering value and variety in the architectural language. All one need do is stop and look around in the old city, soaking in the elegance and majesty of this “ancient” architecture blended in a unique example of multi-ethnicity with their authentic use of materials which, in their simplicity/complexity lead to rediscovering the innovative, stylistic turmoil which is an inexorable part of it.

So in the architecture of Corfu I found the same multitude of cultural influence and stylistic purity, so much that, in my opinion, it still lends itself to the use of an extraordinary variety of architectural furnishings.

My experience in the stage set design and illuminating engineering field led me to seek out the “magical” composition of the constructed space in architecture. An evocative space that represents an ideal imagery, not “disconnected” from the current landscape.

On an island like this one, an unforgettable holiday destination, where the landscape intertwines with mythology and history, where the “magic” of the space is celebrated by rich, lush and incredibly scenic Mediterranean vegetation in and of itself, my goal became working in synergy with it and with the traditional elements of the landscape.

Using techniques of perception of the space through architecture, landscape design, interiors and lighting in a way that amplifies the splendour and creates extremely personalised architecture capable of taking you exactly where you would like to be.